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Tournament Dates:
August 13 - August 19, 2022

Thank you to the Whisperwood Anglers participating in the 2022 August 13 - 19 Guest Bass Fishing tournament. 


Final 2022 Tournament Standings:

Largemouth Bass Divison:
Brandon Kohler (21.5")
Runners up:
Bob Kohler  - 21.0 inches
Whisperwood Mike
                    - 21.0 inches
Ned Shackett- 21.0 inches

Smallmouth Bass Division:
Adam Shackett       - 17.25 "
Runners Up:
Whisperwood Mike - 17.00"
Brandon Kohler       - 17.00"

 August 20th 2022
4th Champions Whisperwood Bass Tournament
Catch, measure, photograph & release

Whisperwood's Champions Tournament is a two bass length event. The total length of a largemouth bass and smallmouth bass determines the winner.

The Whisperwood anglers performed like champions with exceptional catches in just ONE DAY!

All anglers are past Whisperwood champions - participants were:
Bob & Brandon Kohler, Ned & Adam Shackett, John Ackerman and Whisperwood's Mike.


Final results:

1st:   Brandon Kohler   -       34.5 inches
        19.5" largemouth, 15.0" smallmouth

2nd:  Whisperwood's Mike - 34.0 inches
       17" largemouth, 17.0" smallmouth   

3rd:   John Ackerman  -          32.0 inches
       17" largemouth, 15 inch smallmouth





See photos on our August 2022 "Big Bass" page for all the action at:



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Whisperwood Lodge and Cottages
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Hosts: Cameron & Renee McCafferty

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