Tournament Dates:
June 3 - June 8 - 2021

Thank you to all the Whisperwood Anglers participating in the 2021
June 3 - June 6 Guest Bass Fishing tournament. 
Steve Trumpbolt's 5 pound - 20" largemouth bass and his 16 inch smallmouth bass topped the measuring stick to take home the 28th Whisperwood Bass Tournament championships. Steve is now a four time Whisperwood Bass Champion.

Whisperwood's 28th Guest Bass Fishing tournament had unusually warm weather and uncharacteristic light winds however, the 7 registered Whisperwood anglers caught pleny of bass and Steve's big bass just nudged out Whisperwood's Mike by 1/2 inch and his smallmouth edged John & Mike's smallmouth entries by just one inch. 

 June 3rd through June 6th 2021
28th Whisperwood Guest
Bass Fishing Tournament
Catch, measure, photograph & release

Winning largemouth Bass - 20 inches - 5 pounds
Steve Trumpbolt's (4th win) 20 inch bass was the Big Bass of the tournament and Steve is the 2021 June Whisperwood Bass tournament largemouth bass and smallmouth bass division champion.  Now with his 4th championship Steve joins a distinguished list of outstanding Whisperwood Anglers and is eligible for our next Champions Tournament.  The Whisperwood 28th Bass Tournament presented many challenges, however, as usual, our 2021 champion caught some big beautiful Maine bass to capture the victory and become part of Whisperwood Bass Tournament history. 

There were big bass caught in the 17, 18, 19 & 19.5 inch category but Steve's 20 inch beauty was biggest of all!

Largemouth bass winner:  Steve Trumbolt    -    20.0"
Runners up:                        Whisperwood Mike - 19.5"
                                            Frank Cornine Jr. -    19.0"

Smallmouth bass winner:    Steve Trumbolt        - 16.0"
Runners up:                         John Frugard            - 15.0"
                                            Whisperwood Mike  -   15.0"

Special note to Nick Pollock for his giant 23" pickerel




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    Congratulations to our division winners:
Steve Trumpbolt - Largemouth bass champion
& Smallmouth bass champion

Whisperwood Owner, Cam McCafferty
congratulating Steve Trumbolt
Largemouth & Smallmouth Whisperwood Champion

See photos on our June 2021 "Big Bass" page for all the action at:



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