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June Fishing Tournament Final Results - May 30th to June 2nd 2019

Final Results:
                   Largemouth bass winners: 20.75 inches - Ron Fredette & Frank Cornine
                                  2nd place finish:  20.00 inches - Steve Trumpolt

                    Smallmouth bass winner: 19.0 inches - Ryan Giglio
                                 2nd place finish:  18.5 inches - Ron Fredette for photos and more results

Thursday May 30th was the start of Whisperwood’s 24th guest fishing tournament - under a mix of clouds, some sun and cool temperatures 16 hopeful anglers set out to become the next Whisperwood bass tournament angling champions.  As usual the quality of the field showed with many impressive catches including some big brown trout as an added bonus.  Multiple bass over 18 inches were caught and here is the early leaderboard.  Those who follow our tournaments know lead changes are very common, however, the bar was set high today and 14 other anglers have a big challenge ahead to overtake the leaders.

Day one: Thursday May 30th
                   Largemouth bass leader: 20 inches - Steve Trumpbolt
                    Smallmouth bass leader: 19 inches - Ryan Giglio 

Day two: Friday May 31st
A cool start to the day but the skies cleared and the temperature got into the low 70’s for the first time in a while.  There was some good bass catching action today with Ron Fredette’s 18.5 inch smallmouth bass just 1/2 inch shy of tying for the lead. Another 19 inch largemouth bass caught by Jim Giglio, and a couple of solid 3 pound largemouth bass caught by John Frugard and Whisperwood’s Mike. The tournament will go until Sunday evening at 8:00 pm so we have two more days to change the leaderboard - the weather looks good and this writer still thinks there will be some surprises in store before we award the bass championships.

Day two leaderboard:
                   Largemouth bass leader: 20 inches - Steve Trumpbolt
                    Smallmouth bass leader: 19 inches - Ryan Giglio 

Day three: Saturday June 1st
A nearly windless overcast day was the story today but more big bass were caught including Ron Fredette’s  20.75 inch largemouth bass to take the lead.  Roger continues to catch more trout and added a 19 inch largemouth bass for good measure.  Let’s see if there will be another lead change by tomorrow evening at 8 o’clock before we find out our 24th Whisperwood’s Bass champions.

Day three leaderboard:
                   Largemouth bass leader: 20.75 inches - Ron Fredette
                    Smallmouth bass leader: 19 inches - Ryan Giglio 

Day four: Sunday June 2nd
A cool overcast June morning greeted the Whisperwood anglers today but did not deter another exciting finish.  Frank Corrine picked a great time to catch his personal best 5.31 pound largemouth bass to tie Ron Fredette for the lead - Frank caught his champion winning bass just before heading in for the day to finish the tournament.  Steve Trumpbolt had another excellent catching day with some solid 3 and 4 pound bass in John Frugard’s boat and Whisperwood’s Mike added an 18 largemouth to finish his day. 

Day four and Final Results:
                   Largemouth bass leader: 20.75 inches - Ron Fredette & Frank Cornine
                    Smallmouth bass leader: 19 inches - Ryan Giglio to see photos and results.

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