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Whisperwood’s 25th Guest Bass Fishing Tournament begins Saturday, August 17 through Friday August 23rd. Awards and winners ceremony at 8 pm Friday evening.

Final Leaderboard: 7 day tournament
                     Largemouth bass leader 22.0 inches - Brandon Kohler
                     Smallmouth bass leader 17.5 inches - Brandon Kohler 

Day 1: Saturday, August 17, 2019
Opening day for Whisperwood’s 25th Guest Bass Fishing tournament was cloudy with light to moderate winds and everyone was looking forward to an exciting tournament with lots of fish catching.  Whisperwood’s Mike opened with a solid 19 inch 4.25 pounder to set the laws rgemouth bass standard while Bob Kohler checked in with an impressive 15 inch smallmouth bass. Son Brandon Kohler added a 16.25 inch largemouth bass to get his tournament skills ready.  Ed and Sue Nugent arrived today and will be tournament ready on Sunday, while multiple tournament winners Ned and Adam Shackett were taking it easy today after their long ride as well. Check the daily reports for all the tournament action and history shows us the Whisperwood bass tournaments always have surprises and exciting finishes.

        Day 1 Leaderbord:
                     Largemouth bass leader 19 inches - Whisperwood’s Mike
                     Smallmouth bass leader 15 inches - Bob Kohler 

Day 2: Sunday, August 18, 2019
Another good weather day with cloudy morning skies turning to blue skies and sunshine this afternoon and it didn’t take long for our first lead change in the largemouth bass division.  Brandon’s 22 inch - 6.5 pound largemouth bass (caught this morning before breakfast) takes a commanding lead. The Whisperwood anglers will have to work overtime to beat this one, however, bigger bass are out there if you can catch them! We now have 10 registered tournament anglers and more expected mid week.
Ned and Adam Shackett locked in to some 2 to 3 pound bass and are always a threat to land big bass at any time while Sue Nugent added a solid smallmouth bass to get her bass fishing skills ready to get that “big one”
The Kohler family caps the leaderboard today with Dad Bob holding on to first place in the smallmouth division and son Brandon leading the largemouth division.

         Day 2 Leaderboard:
                     Largemouth bass leader 22 inches - Brandon Kohler
                     Smallmouth bass leader 15 inches - Bob Kohler 

Day 3: Monday, August 19, 2019
Another good fishing weather day with cool temperatures and light winds throughout the morning and the Whisperwood anglers responded with tremendous “catching” today. Brendan caught his second 22 inch, 6.5 pound bass and on his next cast landed a 17.5 inch smallmouth bass to take the lead in both categories. Amazing fishing to catch such big bass on consecutive casts - we have never seen this done before - great job Brandon!

Dad Bob caught his first 20.5 inch 5 “pounder” largemouth bass and now joins our 5 pound Big Bass club.

Paul joined Whisperwood’s Mike for a tremendous morning of fishing with over 20 bass and pickerel caught with a big 20 inch 5 pounder to cap their mornings work. They also had some close range views of an eagle and osprey swoop down on some big pickerel.

Ned and Adam had a productive day with some solid bass and a few big pickerel.

Tomorrow Bob joins Mike to see what kind of fishing adventure awaits them.

          Day 3 Leaderboard:
                     Largemouth bass leader 22.0 inches - Brandon Kohler
                     Smallmouth bass leader 17.5 inches - Brandon Kohler 

Day 4: Tuesday, August 20, 2019
The Whisperwood anglers were greeted with sunny skies early this morning and the skies remained clear all day with light winds. A beautiful chamber of commerce day and once again, plenty of good size bass were caught today. Bob and Mike hooked into largemouth & smallmouth bass, pickerel and even a few sunfish to cap a busy morning of fishing.  Ned and Adam once again added some solid bass (photos now posted) but couldn't surpass Brandon's lead.  Matthew Schoenberg landed a beautiful 4.5 pound largemouth bass to get his first big bass of the trip.  Colby and his Dad Bob joined the tournament today and already posted some big pre-tournament bass with a 20 and 22 inch largemouth bass beauties.  Ed and Sue Nugent witnessed the Salmon Lake Eagles and Osprey swoop in for some easy fish delights and will certainly always remember the experience.  Doug McCafferty joined the tournament group today and fished with Mike this evening in McGrath lake and Cameron will be paired with Whisperwood's Mike for the Champions tournament this Thursday and Friday.  Stay tuned for more details …

          Day 4 Leaderboard:
                     Largemouth bass leader 22.0 inches - Brandon Kohler
                     Smallmouth bass leader 17.5 inches - Brandon Kohler 

Day 5: Wednesday, August 21, 2019
A happy birthday to Don and the fishing gods rewarded him with wonderful presents in the form of a 17 inch smallmouth bass, a big largemouth bass and one of the best fishing days he had at Whisperwood. Sue and Ed enjoyed a successful morning of fishing with Whisperwood's Mike and landed solid largemouth and smallmouth bass along with several 20 inch plus pickerel.  Once again they enjoyed viewing two eagles and the osprey "swooping" down to get their morning meals. Ned and Adam continued their consistent fishing with more good size bass added to their list, however, not big enough to take the lead in either bass category. Colby and his Dad Bob landed another solid 4 pounder today using their custom swimbaits - their first fishing trip to Whisperwood was very successful and hopefully we will see them again next year as a tournament contender. Todays fishing action was cut short when torrential rain after dinner ended the evening fishing activities but the skies will clear tomorrow and the Whisperwood anglers will be back at it. Another good fishing day however, but no change in the leaderboard. - stay tuned more big bass will be caught ….

 Day 5 Leaderboard:
                     Largemouth bass leader 22.0 inches - Brandon Kohler
                     Smallmouth bass leader 17.5 inches - Brandon Kohler 

Day 6: Thursday, August 22, 2019
Another excellent weather day with blue skies and light winds for most of the day, however, not even a heavy shower and thunderstorm for about 45 minutes before dinner could dampen any spirits. Everyone was out fishing again after dinner on a beautifully calm evening. Matthew added another great catch with his 16.5 inch smallmouth bass while Bob’s 18 inch largemouth gave team Kohler the lead in the 3 boat champions tournament with a 32 inch two fish total. Mike and Cameron caught plenty of pickerel and some nice bass early this morning before breakfast and Ned and Adam added more to their numbers but not enough to take over the lead in the two bass category.
Tomorrow is the final day for both tournaments and let’s see if we have any surprises to finish the week.

Day 6 and final Leaderboard:
                     Largemouth bass leader 22.0 inches - Brandon Kohler
                     Smallmouth bass leader 17.5 inches - Brandon Kohler 

Day 7: Thursday, August 23, 2019
The final day of our 7 day fishing tournament had excellent weather with blue skies and light winds and all the Whisperwood anglers had high hopes of taking the championship. With everyone’s best efforts Brandon’s big bass were just too difficult to beat and he took both bass categories for the 2019 championship. Sue and Ed added two good size smallmouth bass as their fishing skills keep improving and this reporter sees them as serious contenders for the 2020 tournament. Ned and Adam finished the week strong and had the first day lead in the winners championship until Bob Kohler’s 18 inch largemouth and 15 inch smallmouth put Team Kohler in first place to stay on the last day of this tournament.

Day 7 and final Leaderboard:
                     Largemouth bass leader 22.0 inches - Brandon Kohler
                     Smallmouth bass leader 17.5 inches - Brandon Kohler 

Congratulations to Brandon and all our Whisperwood anglers for a great week of fishing.  We look forward to seeing everyone next year.

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