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Champions Tournament 2020

Started by Mike - Whisperwood, August 18, 2020, 09:58:53 PM

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Mike - Whisperwood

Due to the COVID virus and so many plans being changed, the customary 3rd week of August guest fishing tournament was cancelled-instead we had the third Champions tournament with Dad Bob Kohler and Brandon Kohler vs. Whisperwood's Mike and Cameron McCafferty. Both boats had multiple winners from the regular tournaments so it was shaping up to be an exciting challenge. The Champions tournament format is the combined length of the longest smallmouth plus the longest largemouth bass for each boat.

The tournament was going to be a short one, just Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday until 8 am to determine the winning team.

Monday night Team Whisperwood could only post a 15.5 inch largemouth bass and Team Kohler got off to a fast start with a 19.5 inch largemouth and 15 inch smallmouth bass. Team Whisperwood had a big challenge in front of them

Tuesday - all day Team Kohler was able to increase their smallmouth length to 15.5 inches giving them a total of 35 inches. Whisperwood's Mike giant 21.5 inch, 6 pound largemouth bass and 12 inch smallmouth put Team Whisperwood back in the contest with a total of 33.5 inches.
Both teams have until 8 am Wednesday morning to change their totals and the winning team will be declared at Breakfast.

Totals as of Tuesday, August 18, 2020:
     Team Kohler -            35.0 inches
     Team Whisperwood - 33.5 inches

Wednesday morning - before 8 am Team Kohler was able to increase their largemouth length to 21.75 inches with a bruising 6.4 pound beauty landed by Brandon giving them a total of 37.25 inches. Team Whisperwood was unable to add to their previous lengths and finished with a total of 33.5 inches.

Final Standings: August 19, 2020:
     Team Kohler -            37.25 inches
     Team Whisperwood - 33.5 inches

Congratulations to Bob and Brandon Kohler for their 2nd Championship in our third Champions Tournament.  We are all hoping and looking forward to 2021 to return to our regular Guest Bass Tournaments along with our 4th Champions Tournament.