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June 3 - June 6 Fishing Tournament

Started by Mike - Whisperwood, June 04, 2021, 09:48:54 PM

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Mike - Whisperwood

Whisperwood Lodge & Cottages kicked off it's 28th Guest Fishing Tournament Thursday afternoon and by Friday we had 7 registered anglers - including two father & son teams.

John & Steve
Frank Sr. & Frank Jr.
Greg & son Nick
Whisperwood's Mike

All the anglers have fished both Salmon & McGrath lakes.

As usual the tournament started fast with some solid bass being caught the first full day. Whisperwood's Mike was catching early and posted a 4.5 pound, 19 inch largemouth along with a couple of solid 2.5 pounders but was quickly passed by Steve's 20 inch, 5 pound beauty along with his 16 inch smallmouth.  John added a 15 inch smallmouth and several largemouth bass in the 3.5 pound class along with another 2.5 pounder.  Greg and Nick just began this afternoon so we will see how they do on Saturday.

Current Leaderboard as of June 4, 2021
Largemouth bass division: Steve 20 inches
Smallmouth bass division:  Steve 16 inches

Those who follow our fishing tournaments know things change quickly and often so we will see if Steve can hold the lead.

Pictures are now posted on the June 2021 Big Bass page.

Saturday June 5 Light winds and warm temperatures got this day off to a beautiful June day start. Mike had a productive morning with a couple of 15 inch smallmouth bass and a 17 inch largemouth but not enough in either category to take over the lead. Nick added a healthy, fat 17.5 inch largemouth to get him on the board but not enough to overtake Steve's 20 inch 5 pounder. Franks Jr.'s 19 inch largemouth bass was a great catch, but also fell short of the leading 20 inch bass. Check out pictures on the June 2021 Big Bass page.

Sunday June 6 Light winds and warm temperatures continued on the final day of the tournament and as usual things got interesting but in the end, Steve's two big catches were enough to win Whisperwood's 28th Guest Fishing Tournament. Mike's 19.5 inch bass was just short and a tremendous strike by a 20 inch pickerel got him thinking of the tournament winning bass but after showing itself dreams of the "big bass" were dashed.

Father & son combo Greg and Nick had a great experience on this final day.  Nick's lure was "slammed" by something big, real big and made a run under their boat but Nick was able to get him out and fully expected to see a tournament winning bass but a 23 inch giant pickerel showed himself. I never remember a 23 inch pickerel ever caught at Whisperwood. This pickerel was put to very good use as it became eagle food for one of Salmon Lake's eagles.  We will post the video by the end of the week of the eagle "swooping" down and getting the pickerel.

Congratulations to all the participants and these 7 skilled anglers got plenty of big bass, many 17, 18, 19, 19.5 and one 20 inch bass were caught but in the end, Steve was Whisperwood's 28th Guest Bass Tournament Champion.  Congratulations Steve, a job well done!

Final results as of  June 6, 2021
Largemouth bass division: Steve 20 inches
Smallmouth bass division:  Steve 16 inches