Author Topic: June fishing gets off to a great start and bad weather misses Whisperwood  (Read 3863 times)

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With trepidation we ventured to Whisperwood this opening June weekend with reports of terrible humidity and ferocious thunderstorms with fire, hale and brimstone, however, none of this materialized and the weather was actually outstanding with just some rain showers on Sunday night.  Saturday was warm and humid, more typical of a July day than early June but light winds and cooling in the evening, Sunday was cooler with light winds as well and Monday started off cool with light winds and turned out to be a beautiful June day.  This was a formula for excellent fishing and the Whisperwood guests delivered with some photo worthy catches from the weekend.  Photos are now posted on the June Big Bass page.

This angler started his trip by landing a beautiful 19.5" - 4.5 pound largemouth on the second cast and you knew it was going to be a good fishing trip. With over 50 bass caught in two days of fishing and a 5 limit bag of a very respectable 18 pounds there was plenty to be excited about.  In all the years I have fished at Whisperwood pickerel have always been just an after thought, more of a nuisance than anything else, however, after catching two giant pickerel of 27 & 28 inches along with about 10 others, I am concerned the pickerel population may be thriving. 

I had the opportunity to  fish with Doug one morning and that's always enjoyable, we have caught many bass over the years and I look forward to our next outing.  There was no specific pattern this weekend, I caught fish in shallow water and off shore deep water (a feisty 18" smallmouth slamming a spring worm), in both lakes and around the rocks and the weeds.  With the surface water temperature already in the low 70's, the bass are beginning to move around and getting comfortable with their summer residence.

I want to thank my wife for venturing out this weekend to Whisperwood, she is not a fisherman, however, she wanted to try to learn and with some casting instructions and plenty of boat rides around beautiful Salmon and McGrath Lakes she enjoyed the weekend and met some veteran Whisperwood couples as well.  Maine, the way life should be!

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nice report! - not to worry about the Pickerel. there is room for everyone :P