Author Topic: August 17th - August 23rd Bass Tournament Winners announced  (Read 2394 times)

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August 17th - August 23rd Bass Tournament Winners announced
« on: August 17, 2013, 10:30:51 PM »
Day one report - Saturday, August 17th - On a beautiful Saturday in August with afternoon temperatures in the 70's and light winds, the 2013 Whisperwood August fishing tournament is up and running and as usual it doesn't take long for the Whisperwood anglers to get some nice bass in the boat.  Whisperwood Mike started fast with a 15" smallmouth bass but Andrew Volker quickly responded with a spirited 17" smallmouth bass to take the lead.  Whisperwood Mike's 18.5" largemouth bass was big enough to take the early lead in the largemouth  bass division, but as we all know by past experience, early leads quickly fade.

On another note, one of the Whisperwood guests, 12 year old Lauren caught a 6 pound largemouth bass from the boat dock using a live worm two days before the start of the tournament.  Photos will be posted on the August Big Bass page during the weekend.

With excellent weather forcasted and more anglers soon to join the August tournament, we are expecting  plenty of big bass  along with many lead changes during the 7 day bass tournament.

Day two report - Sunday, August 18th - day two was another beautiful Maine summer August day with sunny skies and light winds.  Plenty of fish were caught today and dock fishing is now very popular once Lauren reeled in her 6 pounder during the week.  We now have verified there are two giant bass living under the Whisperwood dock system.

Whisperwood Mike added a pair of 19 inch largemouth bass to bump up the lead by 1/2 inch and Andrew's 17" smallmouth bass is the best thus far for the smallmouth division.  Photos are now posted on the Big Bass August 2013 page and with more experienced anglers joining the tournament during the week, you know there is plenty of excitement to come.

Day three report - Monday, August 19th - Scott and Paul joined the week long tournament today and Paul started quickly with a lead tying 17 inch smallmouth and nearly 20 inch largemouth bass that was just short of Whisperwood Mike's 20" - 5 pound bass.

Another beautiful day and evening at Whisperwood as the Bass Tournament continues and going into Day 4, here are the current leaders.

Largemouth bass division:  Whisperwood Mike - 20 inches, 5 pound bass.
Smallmouth bass division:   Paul and Andrew are tied with 17" beauties.

Lee started his Whisperwood fishing career by catching his largest bass ever in McGrath Lake.

Day four report - Tuesday, August 20th - Day four started with some great bass catching for Boston Bob with a 16.5" smallmouth bass and an 18.5" four pound largemouth bass.  Russ and Andrew had another excellent day of fishing with more quality bass but could not top Andrew's 17" smallie or overtake the largemouth bass lead.  Paul contributed another 19" largemouth bass and the boys Emmett and Zack were fishing for their big bass of the tournment.  Mike caught his giant 21.5 inch, 6.25 pound largemouth bass by casting below a school of surfacing white perch.  In the "you have to see it to believe it" category, Russ caught 31 inches of bass on his jitterbug, however, there were two bass, one a 12 inch and the other a 19 inch bass!  Before he realized what he had, Russ thought he caught the biggest bass in the lake.

Current leader board:
Largemouth bass division:  Whisperwood Mike - 21.5 inches, 6.25 pound bass.
Smallmouth bass division:   Paul and Andrew are tied with 17" beauties.

Day five report - Wednesday, August 21th - Some very exciting action today at Day 5 of the Whisperwood guest bass fishing tournament under blue skies and light winds. Nine year old Emmett caught his biggest bass ever, an 18.5" largemouth in Paul's  boat and is making his move toward the top of the leader board and nine year old Zack added his 16.5" largemouth bass to make a run at the leaders as well.

Denny picked up where he left off in June by quickly catching an 18.5" largemouth bass to tie Emmett for the biggest bass of the day.  Denny is an outstanding fisherman that will certainly challenge the leaders.  Andrew lost a big bass when an attacking bass promptly bent the hook of his tube bait and escaped.  Paul landed a 3.5 lb. largemouth bass this evening to add to his bass total for the week.  With all of today's action there were no changes in the leaders.

Current leader board:
Largemouth bass division:  Whisperwood Mike - 21.5 inches, 6.25 pound bass.
Smallmouth bass division:   Paul and Andrew are tied with 17" beauties.

Day Six report - Thursday, August 22nd - The August Whisperwood Guest bass tournament competition is heating up and the action is fast and furious.  Jacki caught her biggest  largemouth bass at 17 inches and added a nice 15 inch smallmouth bass for good measure.  Russ picked up another Whisperwood fat smallie and a 20.5 inch solid largemouth bass. 

Rachel and Dad Arnie joined the tournament today and as usual Rachel (a former Whisperwood champion in the largemouth bass division) did not waste any time taking over the smallmouth bass lead with her 17.75 inch scrappy bass.

The fish story of the day however, clearly happened after dinner on the Whisperwood boat docks. As all the anglers took off across the lakes, the people left behind had a true fishing adventure.  Ellen started it all catching a 17.5 inch largemouth bass that lives under the docks and apparently there are other big bass taking up residence there as well.  In the excitement of this big fish, Kaylee joined in the fishing action and tossed her rubber worm from the boat docks as well and landed a giant 20 inch, 5 pound largemouth bass.  Zack saved the day by stepping in and removing the bait and getting the fish back in water but not before the giant bass was photographed - see the photo on the August big bass page.

The tournament ends tomorrow at 8 pm - stay tuned and see the final results.

There was a change today on the leader board and here are the current standings.
Largemouth bass division:  Whisperwood Mike - 21.5 inches, 6.25 pound bass.
Smallmouth bass division:   Rachel - 17.75 inches, 3 pounder.

Day Seven report - Friday, August 23rd - after a complete week of light winds, today a front went through with blue skies and stiff northwest winds.  This certainly affected the fishing and there were no lead changes on the final day.  Plenty of fish were caught but mostly small and there were no challenges to the leader board.

Prizes were presented to Emmett, Zack and Kaylee for their excellent fish catching job in the junior division.

Final results for the 10th Whisperwood guest Bass Tournament:
Largemouth bass division:  Whisperwood Mike - 21.5 inches, 6.25 pound bass.
Smallmouth bass division:   Rachel Kana - 17.75 inches, 3 pounder.

Congratulations to all our anglers for another terrific week of fishing and the combination of friendship, sportsmanship and willingness to insure everyone has an enjoyable and fun week makes these fishing tournaments very special.  Check the webpage early next week for a complete report and photos from the tournament.
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