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Your well-behaved pet is welcome here with the following provisions.

Our Insurance policy prohibits us from accepting certain breeds of dogs.
Below is the list of unacceptable Dog breeds:

  Akitas   Pit Bulls
  Bull Mastiffs   Rotweilers
  Chows   Wolf hybrids
  Dobermans   Mixed breeds with any of above

Pets must be with their owners at all times except during breakfast and dinner as long as they don’t cause a commotion. If they bark someone will have to stay in the cabin with them.

Portable kennels are highly recommended for your pet's stay. We have one that can be rented for $10.00.

Pets are not allowed on the furniture. If this happens you will be charged a $50.00 per day cleaning charge, plus the cost of any damages.

Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.

Owners are responsible for picking up after their pet. We have shovels around the facility for your use.

Pet owner will be asked to leave a credit card on files for any damages that me occur.

Pet must be walked in the woods or around the edge of the property.

Pets cannot to tied up outside.

If you allow your pet to swim in the lake they must be dried off with your own pet towel before going into the cabins.

Pets must have current rabies tags on their collar.

My pet is current with all of their shots.

I understand the Whisperwood pet rules and agree to follow them.

Signature of Pet owner  


Credit Card number:                                                                       Date:

We have the right to ask you to leave if you choose not to follow our Pet Policy